JPN Investments is a newly formed LLC, wholly owned by Christian and Jennifer Sifuentes, for purposes of purchasing and owning income-producing investments. Real estate investment is way of life for the Sifuentes Family, learned directly from our families' desires to better serve the next generation.


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Our humble beginnings in 2002 started with a small 2 bedroom home in Chandler, Arizona. Knowledge, ambition and an intense work ethic from our families, has allowed us to operate JPN full time! Now, under Christian’s direction and management, JPN is a family endeavor and we’ve expanded into Maryland and Pennsylvania.


JPN is currently addressing the needs for clean, well-maintained rental units and remodeled, updated flip properties with stunning finishes. Each JPN Investment property has been selected thoughtfully, with a rigorous evaluation and purposeful plan. JPN is expanding into other real estate ventures as well. Will your next home be a JPN Investment? 



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