Home Investors and Rising Mortgage Rates in 2019

Mortgage rates were projected to rise by the end of 2018 upwards of 5%. As we approach 2019, this is becoming more of a reality for homeowners, buyers, and sellers.


With current mortgage rates on the rise, the price of homes on today's market is falling, especially if you own an older home. Because houses are sitting on the market for longer, buyers now have the opportunity to offer much lower prices than what a home is listed for.


Potential Buyers have high expectations nowadays and are most likely expecting a home to be in pristine condition when looking to make a purchase. With prices low, and expectations high, what is the best option when selling your home in 2019?

Selling an Older Home in 2019

If you own an older home, you are not alone; older homes exist in abundance across America. Older homes, however, tend to sit on the market for longer especially with the way mortgage rates are rising into the upcoming year.


If you are looking to sell your older home, you may have to reconsider the investment, a lot of money goes into fixing an older place up and getting it to sell. With the current market in mind, you should also consider that your home may sit on the market for an extended period of time. After that time there is no guarantee that you will get an offer that equated to your listing price.


These days, most home buyers are looking for a newer home without any of the fixer-upper issues found in old houses. Listed below are possible issues to consider if you own and want to sell your older home.


  • Rodent and bat infestation

  • Lead paint

  • Leaky roof

  • Water filtration systems

  • Plumbing problem


Redesigning your home and bringing it up to modern standards for potential buyers is a large investment. After you make that investment those buyers will still be on the outlook for problems that arise when buying an older structure. Many home buyers do not want to deal with homes that are on a well and septic system, has mold, roof leaks, or lead paint.


While all these issues come with owning an older home and are entirely manageable, newer homes offer the safety, security, and leisure of not having to worry about such problems. There is, however, an easy solution to all of these headaches.

Why Selling Your Home to an Investor Makes Sense in 2019

Selling your home to a home Investor means you no longer have to worry about your house sitting on the market for months on end only to await a lower than average listing price. A low offer on your home could come as a severe loss especially if you invested in updating parts of that home.


Choosing JPN Investments means that your home could sell in a period of 2-3 weeks as opposed to the 2-3 months it may take to sell your home. We get the paperwork done fast so that you can get cash for your home and move on.


JPN Investments means no hassle, no worries, just cash for your home. When you chose an investor, you won't have to worry about any fix-ups, cleaning or remodeling. The market won't wait for you; mortgages are rising, the price of homes are falling so why wait to sell? You don’t have to when you chose JPN Investments.


Call JPN Investments today! Your trusted and local real-estate investors. We are a  family-owned business that prides itself in remodeling, buying and selling homes. We provide service throughout the states of Maryland and Pennsylvania.

Published on November 6, 2018

Written By Sarah Kirksey

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